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Antibiotics Are Precious - Help Us Protect Them

The days of just giving antibiotics as a routine are gone. Antibiotics are used when we are confident it is a bacterial infection and it is routine to test to find out which is the best antibiotic to use . Below is an example of a test result.


Sample from wind pipe of Ben a snake

Culture                      Aerobic cultures show a moderate pure growth of
                             1. Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Anaerobic Culture            POSITIVE
                             2. Clostridium species isolated
                             Selective Yeast / Fungal cultures :                                              Negative
                                       Enrichment cultures : As above                           


                                                 1          2
                             Augmentin       RESISTANT  Sensitive
                             Ceftazidime     Sensitive  RESISTANT
                             Gentamicin      Sensitive  RESISTANT
                             Amikacin        Sensitive  RESISTANT
                             Enrofloxacin    RESISTANT  Sensitive
                             Marbofloxacin   RESISTANT  Sensitive
                             Doxycycline     RESISTANT  Sensitive
                             Metronidazole   RESISTANT  Sensitive


Resistant means that particular antibiotic will not work. Sensitive means it should work. So in the case above two different antibiotics were needed and we we knew this in five days. If we had not done the test it would have taken several visits to find the combination that worked and Ben may hav have died due to the delay.


A final result example from Archie  a dog

Sample Site                  Swab from foot dermatitis

Culture                      Aerobic cultures show a heavy predominant growth of
                             Pseudomonas aeruginosa
                             Selective Yeast / Fungal cultures : Negative
                             Augmentin      RESISTANT
                             Ceftazidime    Sensitive
                             Gentamicin     Sensitive
                             Amikacin       Sensitive
                             Enrofloxacin   RESISTANT
                             Marbofloxacin  RESISTANT
                             Doxycycline    RESISTANT
                             Metronidazole  RESISTANT
                             Sulph. Trim    RESISTANT
                             Tetracycline   RESISTANT
                             Clindamycin    RESISTANT
                             Cephalexin     RESISTANT


This is bad. Archie was resistant to all licensed dog antibiotics so we had to use human antibiotics. If we had not tested Archie it would have taken at least seven visits to find an antibiotic that worked.


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