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Microchipping - For Peace of Mind

No matter how much we try to keep an eye on our pets, every so often they might disappear for a short while and thankfully most pets return very soon. It may be something as simple as a cat being locked in a garage accidentally, or a dog getting lost after slipping its lead before managing to find a way back. Sometimes they are gone for longer and cause us worry and heartache. If your pet ever ends up as a stray at a vets or a rescue centre it will automatically be scanned for a microchip, if one is found you will be quickly contacted to let you know that your pet is safe and how you can get them back. Without one there is a chance that your pet will be rehomed without you ever knowing what happened.


Please note: From April 2016 all dog owner in England will be legally required to have their pets microchipped. Also, any pet that requires a passport for the PETS Travel Scheme needs to be microchipped. For more information on dog ownership and the law visit DogLawTV.

What is a Microchip?

A microchip is a small glass chip roughly the size of a grain of rice. Every chip has a unique code associated with it that is registered to your pet on a national database. The chip is scanned with a special machine to identify its code and this can be used to find the registered owner's name and address. This is invaluable to reunite you if your pet is ever lost, injured or stolen. Unlike a collar, your pet cannot lose its microchip.

How Does My Pet Get One?

You can request a microchip to be implanted into your pet at our practice at any time. The microchip is implanted between your pet's shoulders and once done, it shouldn't have to be done again. Some people choose to have their puppy or kitten microchipped when it is still young (around vaccination) as they hopefully won't remember it, others wait until they are a little bit bigger. It does not require your pet to have an anaesthetic or sedation, however, if you decide to have your pet neutered then we can also implant it whilst they are under anaesthetic so they don't feel it.


You can obtain reduced price microchipping for new puppies and kittens as part of our Kitten and Puppy Starter Packs.

Do I Need to do Anything Else?

Once the chip is implanted, we will ask for your details to be uploaded onto the database, however, if you change address or ownership of the pet, it is ESSENTIAL that you inform the database holders.


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