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Prescriptions are available for dog and cat owners for both medicines or veterinary diets as prescribed by our vets. Please note that this service is available for registered clients of Village Vets Centre Ltd only.

Prescription Service

As professionals, we are bound by a series of strict medical and legal rules when providing medications on prescription. In short:


  • Our vets see and examine your pet and then prescribe any necessary medication.
  • If the vet is happy that your pet's condition is stable and requires ongoing treatment they will add to their notes that your pet needs another check-up after a maximum of 3 months.
  • Any medication is dispensed in amounts sufficient to cover up to 3 month's requirements (this excludes flea and worming treatment which can be prescribed for up to 12 months). Please note: Some drugs are legally classified as 'controlled drugs' which may include epilepsy medication, behavioural medication or certain types of painkiller. We are legally restricted to prescribing only a months worth of these drugs at a time.
  • BEFORE you run out of medication, ring the practice to request a repeat prescription.
  • Our nurses or reception staff will then either:
    • Organise the medication for another month  and advise you on when it will be ready for collection.
    • Advise you that your pet requires another check-up and that you need to book an appointment.
    • Refer your prescription to the vet in charge if there is any doubt, confusion or other circumstances.

Please allow 24 hours for prescriptions to be completed. If for any reason there is a problem with your prescription we will try to contact you and advise you as necessary.

Prescription Only Medicines (POM)

POM prescriptions are also available at our practice. Your vet may prescribe or supply POM's for animals under their care if this is appropriate.


You can obtain POM's direct from our practice (you can ask for a price quote if you wish) or you can request a prescription and obtain them from a pharmacy or another veterinary practice.


You will be advised of all changes related to veterinary advice prescriptions and supply of POM's supplied to you by your vet. You will be informed of the cost of any re-examinations required for a repeat prescription. Normally your pet will need to be examined within 3 months for more prescription drugs to be issued to you. This may vary depending on personal circumstance.

Download the British Veterinary Association's leaflet on prescribing veterinary medicines.
Veterinary Medicines Explained.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [96.5 KB]


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