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Financial Information

Whenever your pet is cared for by us, we will discuss any available treatment options with you and will give you an estimate of the likely costs. If later during the course of investigations, surgery or treatment it becomes clear that the costs will exceed the estimate, we will contact you.


We expect payment in full at the time of treatment or upon collection of your pet from our practice. We can accept payment with cash, major credit and debit cards and personal checks with a valid bankers card.


We strongly advise that clients take out pet insurance to avoid the need to compromise treatment or euthanise your pet based on cost grounds. Comprehensive insurance provides the best financial security and peace of mind in our experience. Please see our insurance page for more information. Please be advised that we no longer do direct claims at our practice.

When claiming treatment costs back under an insurance policy please bring with you;
  • current insurance policy
  • a claim form signed by the policy holder.
At all times, responsibility for costs remains with the pet owner even if the pet is insured, as some insurance policies may not pay for all the treatment. Clients must settle their account when payment is due.
Clients please note:
  • You are responsible for checking that your policy is up-to-date and how much you have remaining on your limit.
  • You must inform your insurance company that your pet is undergoing treatment with us (or is referred to another practice). Check with them to make sure that they will cover your animal's problem and check what limit they have for the condition.
  • It may help us to handle your claim if, when speaking with the insurance company, that you allow Village Vets Centre permission to discuss any claims.
  • Please be aware, you are responsible for any shortfall in payment from your insurance company, even if you are in dispute with them about the amount. 
  • When your animal goes home, we will give you a copy of your invoice so you know what you are being charged for.
Non-Insured Cases
  • Your estimate for diagnosis and treatment of your animal will be provided by the clinician during your consultation. No exception to payment is made for non-insured clients - all payment must be made at the end of consultations, before tests are done, before an operation or collection of your pet that has been hospitalised.
  • You can elect at your consultation not to proceed with any further investigations.

See our Terms and Conditions for more information on payment and our expectations of client accounts.

Download the British Veterinary Association's leaflet on veterinary costs.
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