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In-Patient Information

We understand that the hospitalisation of your pet is a worrying time, even if it is just for surgery as a day-patient. That is why we try to be as accommodating to your needs as we can to help make any stay as stress free as possible for both you and your pet.

Progress Updates

Generally, we would advise calling the practice after 2.30pm for an update on your pet's progress On Saturday mornings you should call after 9am. Please be assured that if there is any significant change in your pet's condition, we will inform you as soon as possible.


Visiting Policy

Most patients are hospitalised for a short period of time.  They cannot understand why their visitors come to see them and then go home without them. This can be distressing to some pets. Visiting may be of benefit for those who are seriously ill or are long-stay patients and we may ask you to spend some time with them for both your and their welfare. Visiting may take place in your pet's kennel areas or in a consultation room, depending upon which is the best for your privacy and pet.


Personal Possessions
Leads, collars and carriers will be admitted to the surgery with your pet, we will make every effort to ensure that they are returned to you, but before leaving the practice, please check that you have all of your belongings with you. We provide suitable food and bedding for most patients, however, if you wish for your pet to have its own blankets or toys, please bring them with you and let us know. Under some circumstances, such as your pet being on a specific diet or having blood samples collected you may be advised to leave some food with us, the vet will advise you beforehand if this is the case. If your pet has sadly been euthanised and is being left with us for cremation, please let us know if you would like their collar or lead handed back to you. We can only  keep unclaimed property for one month from the date of discharge or euthanasia before disposal.


Collecting Your Pet

When you call for an update on your pet's progress, you will be given a time after which you will be able to collect your pet, this will be when they have fully woken up from any anaesthetic in most cases. You should make an appointment with reception to collect your pet, we are open until 6pm for collections. Collection after this time or on Saturday mornings can be arranged, if necessary. You will see one of our vets or nurses and they will give you advice on any medication or management changes your pet may need. Feel free to ask any questions you may have at this time. 


Further Appointments
If your pet needs to be seen again at a revisit appointment you will be told when your pet is discharged. You will be given an idea of when this appointment should be. You should make an appointment at reception before you leave or if this is not possible, you should call the practice to book an appointment as soon as you are able.


Opening Hours

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