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Long term medication

Animals on long term medication with prescription only medicine need to be regularly checked to make sure the medicine is working well and there are no serious side effects. This may be done with a physical examination but may alos will need blood tests as well.  An  animal on life long treatment for thyroid problems will need blood tests to check the medicine is at the right concentration in the blood. 


The intervals between checking the animal will vary with the disease and how bad it is. For example a dog with a new diagnosis of a heart condition may be checked one week later , then two weeks ,then four weeks then every three or four month while stable but as the heart gets worse it may be checked every two months or indeed monthly.


A dog with stable arthritis  may be checked every four months.


A dog with diabetes needs to checked with a urine sample every four months as a minimum.

These checks are done so we can hopefully detect problems before they are aware to you the owner.


There is a charge for these check ups. 



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