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Over the Rainbow Bridge.....

The loss of a beloved family pet is a heartbreaking time for everyone involved, no matter the age, species or length of time the pet has been owned we appreciate that this is a difficult and emotional journey. We feel exactly the same about our own pets and we empathise with our clients having got to know them and their pet along the way. We understand that many owners feel it is important to have a safe space provided to remember their pet and share their experience with other owners. We have therefore decided to create this memorial page as a lasting memory to our animal friends who have passed on.


This page is open to those whose pets have died, been lost or stolen and to those who have sadly had to be rehomed.


If you would like to dedicate a space to your beloved pet, then please email us at: Or visit us at the practice and let us know that you would like to have a memorial created. Feel free to send us any photos you wish to be included and we will be happy to upload them. 

Missing, Lost or Stolen Pets

Having a pet go missing is an incredibly stressful and worrying time for any owner and many people find the feeling of helplessness to be particularly distressing. Whilst we hope that you never have to experience the worry of a beloved pet going missing, there are a few things you can do if this happens:


  • Prepare some information about your pet including their name, age, colour, type or breed, sex and where they were last seen. Then:
    • Leave food and shelters in your garden or yard (if you have one) as your pet may return home and look for a safe place to hide.
    • Call local veterinary practices to let them know your pet is missing, they will contact you if they find a stray that matches their description.
    • Call local rescue shelters and ask if they have had a similar pet brought into them.
    • Call the local council or dog warden to ask if pet dogs or cats have been reported as strays.
    • Put up posters of your pet (including their picture) in your local area and in places where people gather locally such as pubs, school, shops and places of worship.
    • Place an article or advert for your pet in the local paper.
    • Search online databases of lost pets such as:
    • has some very useful advice on what to do and look out for should a pet become lost. This applies to any pet not just cats!


If you have found a stray animal, you can also do the above things to try and help reunite them with their owners.


Having your pet tagged and microchipped can dramatically increase the chances of you being reunited should they go missing. It is routine for rescue shelters and veterinary practices to scan all stray or found animals for a microchip to see if they have an owner, in many cases they can be reunited the same day! Please remember to contact the microchip companies and let them know when you move house or if your pet is rehomed to ensure they are able to contact you.

Bereavement Support

Whatever the circumstances of your loss, we understand that the impact it has on affected families can be severe. Our practice is here to support you through this difficult time and there are many dedicated resources available specifically for pet owners through other organisations.


The Blue Cross animal rescue charity provides a phone and email helpline and is open to all owners.


The Dogs Trust has produced a fact sheet for coping with the loss of a pet dog.


The PDSA has produced a 'Coping with Grieving' factsheet available free to download.


Living With Pet Bereavement is a site with a lot of useful information on sources of support.


Blue Cross Coping with pet loss leaflet
Coping with pet loss.pdf
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