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A Practice with a Modern Focus

Here at Village Vets we strive to be at the forefront of veterinary expertise and continually develop our facilities to achieve this aim. Having access to a wide range of equipment ensures that our staff are able to work-up cases fully, efficiently and to the very highest standards. Our modern, spacious kennelling and boarding areas enable us to provide comfort and high quality individual care for each of our patients. Visit our 'Practice Tour' page to see our facilities for yourself.

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Reception & Waiting Areas

Our  reception is easily accessed from the street and provides ample sitting areas while you wait. Please let us know if you have specialist requirements before your appointment such as mobility problems or dog-aggressive pets so that we can cater for your specific needs.  We have three consult rooms but generally only one veterinary consulting at ant ine tinany one time so  we try and move cats into a consult room as quickly  as possible


While you wait, feel free to browse our information boards for news of new offers, special products and updates to our services. If you wish to place a notice on one of our boards (adverts, lost and found pets, etc.), please come and speak with one of our reception staff.


We have a well-stocked shop of safe pet toys and healthy treats at competitive prices for you to purchase from if you wish. Why not try smelling our new range of Pet-Head shampoos and sprays designed just for your pet?


We stock Excel rabbit food, hay and Harrison's bird feed, a specialist targeted diet to maximize the health and longevity of pet birds and parrots. Exotic pet critical care feeds can be purchased from us for nutritional support during your pet's illness. Prescription diets can also be ordered from our practice should your pet require this. 


Consulting Rooms

We have three modern, computer-equipped consulting rooms on the ground floor that are accessed directly from reception. Each room is spacious, well-lit and has client seating provided.


You normally will be welcomed and collected individually from reception by our vets or nurses, however, during very busy periods you may be directed to a consultation room by reception staff for your privacy.


We often have a number of consultations going on at the same time with our vets and nurses and we aim to keep your waiting times as short as possible; however, please be aware that your wait may be prolonged if we are dealing with emergency or particularly difficult cases. We appreciate your co-operation during these times as we would provide the same level of care to your pet if the same situation ever arose.


Operating Theatre & Prep Room

Our busy prep room is equipped with our diagnostic imaging equipment and an anaesthetic machine for safe imaging of your pet. We have several warm, secure kennels located here specifically for patients that have had a general anaesthetic or surgery. This allows these patients to be closely monitored from admission through to discharge by our highly qualified nursing staff.


We have a separate, fully-equipped and heated operating theatre for the majority of surgical procedures. During surgery, your pet will have a member of staff monitoring the anaesthetic continuously to maximize their safety and comfort during any procedure.


Kennels, Cattery & Exotics 

We have separate housing facilities for cat, dog and exotic in-patients, all of our wards can be heated for your pet's comfort. You are welcome to bring your pet's toys and bedding for their increased comfort if you wish.


Our cat ward and dog ward have individual, secure kennels with ample soft bedding. Both wards have completely separate kitchen facilities and storage areas for optimal hygiene, safety and security.


All exotics patients are housed in secure, heated vivariums with additional UVA and UVB lighting for their health and welfare.


Patients are closely monitored during working hours by our dedicated nursing staff. Please be advised that staff are only present within the premises during working hours, therefore we do not provide 24-hour staffing arrangements at present. If your pet is an in-patient overnight and you wish them to be continually monitored then they will be transferred to the night centre, please make your preference known to a member of staff at the earliest opportunity.


Garden Access

All dog in-patients are taken to the  garden for exercise and toileting purposes. This ensures that we can fully cater for their well-being at their convenience. It also helps us to relax nervous patients so you can be assured that we make your pet's stay with us as pleasant as possible. 



We have an in-house laboratory where we can perform a variety of tests while you wait. This allows us to rapidly assess cases for any initial treatment. Common tests we perform include:


  • Blood analysis (Haematology and Biochemistry)
  • Urine analysis (including sediment examination)
  • Microscopic examination for parasites (skin, hair and faecal samples)
  • Faecal floatation for parasites
  • Blood smears, cytology and gram staining for bacteria and other microbes
  • Basic post-mortem examinations


More advanced techniques such as histopathology, microbial culture and antibiotic sensitivity testing will require samples to be sent to one of several experienced external laboratories.


Diagnostic Equipment

We can perform a variety of diagnostic procedures to assist us in understanding your pet's illness or injury. Our equipment includes, but is not limited to:


  • Digital x-rays
  • Dental x-rays
  • Endoscopy
  • Ophthalmoscopy
  • Otoscopy
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Ultrasound


We also have specialist equipment designed for use in exotic species.


Opening Hours

Monday        09.00 - 18.00

Tuesday       09.00 - 18.00

Wednesday   09.00 - 18.00

Thursday      09.00 - 18.00

Friday           09.00 - 18.00

Saturday       Closed 

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