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Recent News

Here you can find up-to-date information on our practice including achievements, announcements, promotions and policy changes. Visit our Facebook page for the very latest cases, humour and hints.

May 2014

It's been an extremely busy time for us lately, especially with two Bank Holidays! As such, there are several new things to update you on:




Due to increasing demand, we have extended our practice opening times to better suit the needs of our clients and patients. Our opening times are now:


  • Monday 09.00-18.00
  • Tuesday 09.00-18.00
  • Wednesday 09.00-18.00
  • Thursday 09.00-20.00
  • Friday 09.00-18.00
  • Saturday 09.00-14.00


Practice newsletter


We are in the middle of producing a new practice newsletter to give updates on recent developments in the practice - we understand that not everyone can spare the time to log on to facebook or visit our website on a regular basis. The newsletter sign-up is open to clients, students, vets, companies or anyone with an interest in our work. Sign-up is quick, easy and free. Visit our newsletter page to register. Alternatively, call in or contact the practice and let us know that you would like to be signed up.


British Veterinary Zoological Society Spring Meeting 2014

April 2014

Important Lungworm Prevention Update


Attention all dog owners! Lungworm (Angiostrongylus vasorum) is becoming an increasing threat to your pet's health with several reported cases in the Merseyside area within the last few years. We advise all dog owners to make sure that you protect your pet against this parasite as part of your normal worming and flea treatment regime.


At present there are only two products that provide protection against Lungworm - Advocate monthly spot-on and Milbemax tablets. There has been a recent change to the licence of Milbemax, you must now give these tablets MONTHLY for lungworm protection - this differs from the three monthly dosing regime you may be familiar with. If you do not change to giving your pet monthly tablets then they are NOT protected against lungworm unless you are also using Advocate.


Please contact us if you unsure whether your dog is protected or not and we will be happy to advise you.


New App for Heart Patients


If your pet has been diagnosed with a heart condition it is very important to keep up with regular appointments and reviews to make sure that they are on the correct dose of medication, otherwise their condition may get worse. It is also vital that owners keep a close eye on their pet at home and contact us as soon as they are concerned about them. To help make home-monitoring easier for owners, CEVA have produced an App for use with smartphones to monitor and record your pet's breathing rate quickly. A graph produced from these results can then be quickly emailed to us do that we can be kept up-to-date on how your pet is doing.


The App can be downloaded on iTunes and Google Play by searching for 'Cardalis'. Please let us know if you wish to use this service so we can add you to our email list.

Milbemax Dog Licence Update 2014.doc
Microsoft Word document [114.0 KB]

February 2014

Free Gift for Dogs & Pet Fitness Amnesty


Attention all dog owners! Visit us for consultations or vaccinations and get a free pack of NEW tea tree flavoured Pedigree DENTASTIX Fresh to try - hurry as these are only available whilst stocks last!


In the near future we are launching our pet fitness amnesty campaign to help get our pets into better shape. Over the last few years we have noticed an increase in the average weight of pets attending the practice and many pets are now classified as overweight or obese. This puts pets at risk of a variety of health problems including arthritis, heart disease, diabetes and other conditions. To help combat this you will soon be able to sign up to our fitness amnesty which will include an individual diet and exercise plan tailored to the specific needs of you and your pet with ongoing guidance from our vets and nurses. The plan will be open to all pets from dogs, cats and rabbits to pets you may not have thought have weight problems such as ferrets and rodents. Keep an eye out for more information!


Valentine's Pets & The Latern Festival


Happy Valentine's day from Village Vets!! Whether you are choosing to celebrate the day or ignore it entirely we wish you a good time - if looking for an alternative event, why not watch the celebrations of the Latern Festival, part of the Chinese New Year festival.


Whatever you choose to do, please make sure to keep your pets safe! Hazards to watch out for around this time of year include:


  • Chocolates
  • Alcohol
  • Flowers and houseplants
  • Paper and wrapping materials such as bows
  • Sweets and chocolate containing the sweetener xylitol
  • Unattended candles


For more information please see our seasonal and nutrition pages.

January 2014

Pet Connections


Recently, MSD - a company known for producing high quality veterinary medicines - launched MyPetOnline, a social networking for pets!!


Upload photos of your pets and share stories with owners from across the world, hear interesting pet-related news and stories, read celebrity blogs, enter competitions and keep up to date with the very latest pet health advice. All of this and it's completely free to join!


Sign up, free of charge here.



Happy new year from all of us at Village Vets!


It's time for a new start for everyone. Thinking about getting a new pet to join the family? Decided your pet's new year's resolution should be to lose weight (like the rest of us!)? Wondering if now is the time that you should start your pet on a long-term health plan? Whatever your needs we are happy to help!


Given the recent bad weather, it's even more important to make sure we protect our pets! See our pages for more information. Remember to look after our native wildlife, it's a tough time of year for them as well!


A while ago we posted about some gerbils and hamsters looking for new homes, whilst some have successfully found new owners we have 9 gerbils and one Russian Dwarf hamster who are still desperately hoping for a new home. If you can open your heart to these beautiful little furries, please get in contact with us.

December 2013

Christmas Opening Times 2013


We are open as normal until Monday 23rd December. Then:


We are closed:

  • Tuesday 24th December
  • Wednesday 25th December
  • Thursday 26th December
  • Tuesday 31st December
  • Wednesday 1st January 2014.

All other dates we are open as usual. If you need urgent veterinary attention during these dates, please call 0151 428 8600 and follow the instructions provided on the recorded message. More information about our emergency service providers can be found on our emergency page.



It's been a very busy time for us of late!!!

We currently have 30 small furries looking for their forever homes after they were brought to us when their owner could no longer cope looking after them. Each of them is being cared for by our dedicated staff at the practice. Our staff members have already adopted several of them but we are now unable to take any more. We appreciate that with Christmas fast approaching everyone is tightening their belts, but if you feel that you are able to welcome a small life into your family, please get in touch.


We have a mixture of gerbils and hamsters of varying ages, colours, sexes and group sizes. If you are interested in helping us give these wonderful creatures a second chance, please call the practice directly. You can find more information on our facebook site:

November 2013

Earlier this month 4 of our dedicated staff members spent an entire weekend at the British Veterinary Zoological Society conference in Luton. The weekend was filled with lectures, discussions and presentations about recent developments in the care of exotic species (birds, reptiles and mammals) and was greatly enjoyed by all attendees! At these meetings we have the chance to talk with other exotics vets about new or advanced techniques that helps us to provide the very best standard of care available - we can even help to teach them a thing or two!

We are already incorporating our new knowledge into our daily work and hope that you notice the benefits.


Dog and cat owners shouldn't feel that they are being left out, rest assured we will soon be embarking on more training adventures targeted towards their pets - after we have recovered fully from the exertion!!

September 2013

Special Introductory Offer: Royal Canin Educ healthy dog treats

This offer has now ended.


Fancy improving your dog or puppy's training and trick skills? Why not try our new healthy and nutritious Royal Canin Educ treats? A perfect reward for good behaviour at the vets!


On sale for a special promotion offer of 79p per bag!


For more information see:

Welcome to Our New Website

Our new website has just gone live!


Welcome to our new website, we hope to keep you updated on new developments within the practice. Feel free to browse the site and contact us if you have any feedback, suggestions or comments.


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