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Whatever Takes Your Fancy....

At Village Vets we stock a varied range of products for your pets which you are free to purchase at any time. If you have specific requirements for pet foods (e.g. Hills, Royal Canin, Harrison's, Supreme or Excel diets) we will be happy to order these in for you to collect at your own convenience. Feel free to pop in and have a look whenever you like. If you would like to request a specific order then please as at reception. Believe it or not, many of our prices are lower or the same as the major pet shops - why not do your pet food shopping whilst you are here and save yourself a trip!

Food & Nutritional Supplements

We sell a range of different diets for a wide variety of species. You may be advised to use a specific diet if your pet is suffering from health problems. Please ask our staff for advice if you are unsure which is the best diet to choose for your pet.



We also sell a range of supplements suited to exotics and other pets.

  • Avipro Plus probiotics for birds - especially for those with gastrointestinal problems, recent illness or antibiotic treatment or surgery.
  • BSP Nanovits a liquid multivitamin supplement suitable for all pets.
  • Nutrobal multivitamin and calcium supplement for reptiles and birds.
  • Zolcal-D a calcium and vitamin D3 supplement for birds and reptiles. Used in the treatment and prevention of metabolic bone disease.

Pet Care & Hygiene Products

We believe in caring for every aspect of your pet's health, including day-to-day health care. We want to help make daily care routines fun and relaxed for both you and your pet which is why we stock a range of items suited to every pet's need.


Dental Care


For information on why dental care is important visit our dental page.We stock several items to help you in caring for your pet's teeth including:

  • Finger brushes and pet toothbrushes for use when cleaning your pet's teeth. For advice on how to perform toothbrushing successfully, read our tips.
  • Pet-specific toothpastes.(Pets do not like the foaming action or taste of human toothpastes and human toothpaste is toxic to them!)
  • For pets who will not let their teeth be brushed we also have enzyme-containing pastes and gels that can be applied to their paws or gums.


Flea spray


Whilst routine flea and worming treatment will prevent flea problems in most cases, on occasion due to resistance to a particular product or an ineffective one, a break-down in treatment routine or warm conditions (such as summer or when the heating is switched on) fleas may again become a problem. In cases where you actually see a flea it is important to realise that there will be many flea eggs and larvae hidden in your wooden upholstery and fabrics and it will be necessary to treat your house with a safe and effective spray - many of which we stock. For more information on the importance of flea control visit our parasite page.




We know that many owners like to shampoo their pets either for show, because they enjoy doing so or because their pets need a bath! We are often asked how often pets should be shampooed and whilst this is down to individual choice, it is very important to use a pet-specific shampoo that has been formulated to be gentle and soothing on their skin. Most human shampoos are not suitable and may make your pet ill.



Miscellaneous Items

We also sell other products which you may not have realised you need! These include:


  • Deodorizing sprays for your pets, house and furniture.
  • Rubber teats for feeding puppies and kittens in an emergency.
  • Pill poppers to help give tablets to difficult pets!
  • Comfortable and easy to apply muzzles for any dog that needs one - on walks or in our practice.
  • Bitter spray to deter chewing.
  • Pet Odour Eliminator candles for your house with many wonderful scents!



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