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Students at Village Vets

Here at Village Vets we are very keen to teach the next generation of animal guardians and help them to fulfill their chosen career. We are very experienced in teaching those ranging from veterinary students, to animal care assistants and school aged pre-veterinary applicants. Whatever your needs, we will be very glad to help you.

Veterinary Student Extra Mural Studies

Veterinary students are welcome at any stage of their training and we normally only take 1-2 students at any given time. We will give you as much animal handling, practical and consulting experience as possible and really hope that you enjoy your time with us. 


We acknowledge that many students come to us specifically for exotics EMS and we will endeavour to give you as much exposure to exotics cases as possible during your time with us. Obviously, cases will vary depending on workload but with over 40% of our clients being exotics owners, it is highly likely that you will see several different exotics cases within one week.


We really need you to help us to help you! Before you start your placement with us, think about which skills you feel you need to improve most (e.g. blood sampling, anaesthetic equipment, drug dosages) and let us know at the start of your week. We will then make every effort to help you to develop your skills, time permitting! Please don't be concerned if you aren't sure how to do something - we've all been there and we don't expect you to be perfect.


At present, we do not have accommodation available for students on placement, but we are close to several major transport links into the city and may be able to suggest how to get to us from where you are staying.


We can confirm that we have up-to-date Employer's Liability Insurance and ask that you make sure you are covered for Personal Liability Insurance (such as from being a BVA member) and Third Party Liability Insurance (from your university).


To organise a placement with us, please call the practice and ask for Craig, our Head Vet Nurse. Let us know what dates you would like and your current year of training. We also ask you to submit a basic letter to us for our insurance records, this should include the dates you would like and that you are a vet student looking for EMS.


Work Experience, Animal Care Students & DoE

We are very used to having work experience students of varying ages and stages of education and are happy to provide placements to these students. Whether you are a pre-applicant trying to gain experience for your veterinary student or veterinary nursing course or on an established animal care course and looking to fulfill your portfolio, we can help you.


We take students throughout the week and on Saturdays when we are open to the public, however, if you want to see surgery, we advise you come during the week as Saturdays are for consultations and emergency appointments only. Please be aware that requests for placements are particularly busy around school holidays, so please try to book placements in good time to ensure you get a place. We regret that we are unable to accept school aged students (below sixth form) for placements during term time.


Some students will see practice with us in 'blocks' of one or more weeks, others may do one or more days a week over several weeks to months and some prefer to do Saturdays only. Whatever you prefer, let us know and we will make every effort to fit you in at mutually convenient times around your other commitments.


If you wish to organise a placement with us, please call the practice and ask to speak with Craig, our Head Vet Nurse. Let us know:


  • Your age (for insurance purposes, you must be at least 14 years of age to have a placement with us).
  • Your current year/stage of education/course
  • Why you want to see practice with us (e.g. as a pre-applicant)
  • How long you want to do placement with us
  • What dates you are available
  • Your contact details


We will then let you know when you might be able to come. Please be aware that we will ask you to send us a basic placement application letter for our insurance records with the above information. We may also request copies of insurance from your school or college.


After we have received your application and/or letter we may invite you to an informal 'interview' at the practice before the start of your placement. Don't worry about this, it is just to make sure that you've had a full tour of the practice, had a chance to meet the staff and also had a chance to tell us about how we can help you. This means that you won't be overwhelmed when you arrive for the start of your placement and will hopefully feel more relaxed.


For more information on life as a vet, the varied jobs vets do and what you need to do to become a vet visit the RCVS, VetCareers Youtube page or look at the Walks of Life leaflet.

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Student Veterinary Nurses

At present, we are not a registered veterinary nurse training practice and are unfortunately unable to offer this service to those wishing to become student nurses.


However, if you wish to gain experience before applying to a veterinary nursing degree or before applying to a registered veterinary nurse training practice, we would be more than happy to help.


You may wish to undertake week 'blocks' with us or do 1-2 days a week over several weeks or months, whatever you would like to do, let us know and we will try to help you as best as we can. We regret that we cannot offer payment for any placements undertaken.


To arrange a placement with us, please call the practice and ask to speak to Craig, our Head Vet Nurse. Let us know that you are wishing to train as a student veterinary nurse and let us know which dates you are available. Please be aware that you will then need to send us a basic  letter detailing the dates you are available and why you wish to see practice with us.


For more information on how to train as a vet nurse, which qualifications you need and what the job is like visit the RCVS website.


RCVS Vet Nurse Careers.pdf
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