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Pets are more than just animals at Village Vets Centre Ltd – they are our patients. Our range of services consists not only of veterinary examinations, we are happy to advise you on any questions you may have on the best practice in keeping, caring for and feeding animals of many species. We are members of the British Veterinary Zoological Society, a specialist veterinary division representing all of the rabbit and small mammal specialists across the country. We attend twice yearly conferences to keep on top of the very latest developments in the field - you can be assured that we give the very best rabbit and small mammal service possible.


We can perform a wide variety of procedures on small mammal species from basic clinical examination and prescription of the most appropriate medicines to x-rays and endoscopy. We are very experienced in surgery on small mammals and work to maximize patient safety. We have very specialist equipment to allow us to perform procedures safely and to a high standard including rodent dental kits, doppler ultrasound and small surgical kits. We also have heated vivariums for safe recovery from sedation or anaesthesia and nursing of critical patients. Here you can find information on our services for small mammals and rabbits along with general care advice. We stock a range of suitable, veterinary recommended diets targeted towards specific species of small mammals.


For information on signs of diseases that need immediate attention in exotic mammals, visit our emergency page. If any of your pets are housed outdoors, please be aware of some seasonal problems that you should be aware of.


We strongly advise clients to obtain pet insurance as diagnosis and treatment can be expensive, especially when unexpected. Consider using a specialist exotics insurance company such as Visit our Insurance page for more information.


Please note: For your pet's hygiene and comfort and to stop the spread of diseases, please do not bring your pets to the practice on hay, straw or shavings. A soft, clean towel is ideal.






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