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Admission of Small Mammals to Our Practice

We understand that the admission of your pet to our practice for surgery or diagnostic investigation is a worrying time. Please be assured that we are very experienced in performing procedures on many different species of small mammals and will do everything possible to keep your pet as safe and comfortable as we can.


Obviously, many procedures require that your pet undergoes sedation or a general anaesthetic and no procedure is entirely risk-free. However, there are several things you can do to make sure that your pet is as healthy as possible to minimize any associated risks:


  • The night and morning before admission:
  •  Feed your pet as normal  they do not need starving like cats and dogs. Always let them have fresh water available.
  • The day of the procedure:
    • Bring your pet to their admission appointment at the agreed time. (Please allow 15 minutes for this appointment)
    • One of our vets or nurses will perform a full clinical examination on your pet to check they are fit for surgery or an anaesthetic.
    • You will be asked to leave a contact number with us should we need it.
    • You will be asked to sign a consent form.
    • If your pet has any special requirements, let us know so that we can make them as comfortable as possible.
    • Please bring your pets own food with them so we can feed them as soon as possible after the procedure.
    • Please bring your pet in a carrier with a blanket or towel. Please do not use sawdust or wood shavings as these can stick to any wound your pet may have and cause infection.
  • Following admission:
    • Your pet will be settled into a secure kennel while we prepare for surgery or diagnostic testing.
    • We are happy to show clients our operating theatre and kennels. We appreciate that some clients are anxious about their pet's anaesthetic and stay. We have separate kennelling facilities for exotic species, away from dogs, cats or other species they may be frightened of.
    • If your pet is to undergo surgery, they will be given a painkiller before the surgery starts so that they are not in any pain throughout the entire procedure.
    • Your pet will recover in our secure heated vivariums to hasten their recovery and ensure that they are ready to go home as soon as possible.
  • Post-Op Care:
    • You should call the practice from 2.30pm to find out how your pet is getting on and to arrange a time to collect them. This is usually after 4pm when they have fully recovered from their anaesthetic.
    • Your pet will be discharged by one of our vets or nurses who will provide you with information about post-op care for your pet, including painkillers.
    • It is important to remember that sometimes we can have unexpected deaths after a surgical procedure this may even be days later. There is no gauruntee of survival and this is the reason we require clients to sign a consent form. 
Pre Operative Instructions For Rabbits a[...]
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Diagnostic Testing in Small Mammals

Very often we need to take x-rays and blood tests of pet mammals. There are many reasons why testing may be necessary, for more information visit our laboratory testing page. All these costs add up and we advise clients to look at insurance for their pets. Look at exotic direct:


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