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Hedgehogs are a nocturnal species that are familiar to most of the UK as garden visitors. However, there are many species of hedgehog across the world and some are kept as pets though their popularity is decreasing. Common pet species include African Pygmy Hedgehogs and the Long-Eared Hedgehog. Hedgehogs are not suitable for people who enjoy being able to cuddle and play with their pet as they do not like being handled and can get stressed very easily. We are used to treating both wild and pet hedgehogs and several of our staff have owned them as pets.

Caring for a Prickly Customer

We strongly advise, whether you choose to adopt or buy a new hedgehog to bring them in for a check-up so that we can identify and address any problems as soon as possible. We are very happy to give you advice and leaflets on caring for your new pet and answer any questions you may have.


Hedgehogs are omnivores/insectivores and should be fed low-fat canned cat or dog food or specialised hedgehog diets supplemented with fresh insects and worms. NEVER feed milk or bread to them as this can cause an upset stomach. Ideally they should be fed at night.


Hedgehogs are solitary and should be housed separately unless they were raised together. Housing should be secure with soft absorbent bedding. Be aware that hedgehogs are excellent climbers and escape artists! They should be allowed enough space to exercise and prevent obesity, solid sided exercise wheels may be of benefit.


Please note: If you have a cold sore, avoid handling your pet hedgehog as the human Herpes Virus 1 which causes them can cause liver damage in your pet.

Hedgie Headaches

There are a whole range of different problems that your pet hedgehog can experience, some of which are entirely preventable with the right advice and care:


  • Dental disease
  • Ear and eye disease
  • Obesity and hepatic lipidosis
  • Kidney and heart disease
  • Bumblefoot
  • Fighting, aggression and injuries
  • Blocked urinary tract
  • Tumours (even in young Hedgies)
  • Loss of spines and damage from foreign bodies
  • Bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic diseases (including Ringworm and ticks)


If you are in any way concerned about the health of your pet hedgehog, please contact us for advice and we will be happy to help.


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